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Monday, 10 June 2013  |  Posted by GFH

SCGFC boat Kamikaze skippered by Heath Irvine with crew Jay Graham, Shaun Battye and Lachlan Tuckwell took the boat up from Mooloolaba to Fraser Island after the footy on Wednesday night.

They put the gear in wide of Waddy Point first thing Thursday morning to try for a heavy tackle fish or two. They only raised one fish, a small black of around 25kg on 50lb tackle to Lachlan. They pulled the gear in after lunch and ran to the top end of Breaksea Spit and released a stubborn sail to Jay Graham late in the day on 8kg.

After a pretty uncomfortable night the boys got off to an early start. The fishing was consistent with several bites from billfish and plenty of other species. A couple were from small blacks under 5kg which grabbed the bait and let it go or didn't bite at all. Shaun got one of these little guys though and was the smallest of their season at 4-5kg and also two sails, one to Jay and one to Lachlan.

They fished heavy tackle down to Noosa Canyons but only saw a tailing fish that they didn't get a bite from Wide of Double Island Point. They reported blue water and 25 degrees at the top of Fraser Island! Not bad for the middle of winter!







And a short video below.



Well its that time of year again and its a new location as well for the all new Offshore World Championship based out of Quepos, Costa Rica where this year has attracted a total of 68 teams from around the world with a total of 324 anglers competing for the glory of being crowned Champions of this gloris tournament the Offshore World Championship.

Day 1 seen the total fleet of the 68 teams release a total of 192 Sailfish and one Blue Marlin and 11 Mahi Mahi weighed for the days fishing. From Australia there where 5 teams representing our beautiful land and below is there day one results.

Team 4 - Cabo Hatteras Billfish Shooyout 2012 - 0 points

Team 17 - Shimano West Australia Open - 200 points

Team 19 - Sunshine Coast Game Fisg Classic - 400 points

Team 45 - Cairns Blue Water Billfish Tournament -  200 points

Team 53 - Bue Marlin Classic - 800 points

Day 2 of our 5 Australian teams results are as follows below.

Team 4 - Cabo Hatteras Billfish Shooyout 2012 - 600 points

Team 17 - Shimano West Australia Open - 600 points

Team 19 - Sunshine Coast Game Fisg Classic - 400 points

Team 45 - Cairns Blue Water Billfish Tournament -  0 points

Team 53 - Bue Marlin Classic - 200 points

After two days of fishing the Offshore World Championship the five teams from Australia they stand as following.

Team 4 - Cabo Hatteras Billfish Shooyout 2012 - 56th Place

Team 17 - Shimano West Australia Open - 49th Place

Team 19 - Sunshine Coast Game Fisg Classic - 44th Place

Team 45 - Cairns Blue Water Billfish Tournament -  66th Place

Team 53 - Bue Marlin Classic - 37th Place

More results to be posted tomorrow afer the days fishing and a special thank you to the team from this years championship and still the same great people whom i had the chance to meet at last years championship thank you.

To too all the full results go to

Tuesday, 12 February 2013  |  Posted by GFH


Sunday, 10 February 2013  |  Posted by GFH

SCGFC Classic 2013 – Results and Prizes

SCGFC Classic 2013

Champion Team Overall - 'Kamikazi'

Calcutta – 1st Kamikaze, 2nd Keneka, 3rd In Coming.

All Trophies listed were Brendan Tracey Marine Art freestanding Marlin.

Champion Team Overall – Kamikaze – Black Marlin Trophy and Tyrnos 20 for each member

Top 5 SCGFC Anglers – Brett Barton, Barry Higgins, Brent Higgins, Jay Graham and Bill Irvine. All received a custom Gary Howard Interceptor.

Champion Angler Overall – Brett Barton – Black Marlin Trophy -Costa Sunglasses and Shimano TCurve.

Champion Angler Runner Up – Barry Higgins – Costa Sunglasses

Champion Male Angler Light Tackle – Black Marlin Trophy - Brett Barton – Shimano Tiagra 12

Champion Male Angler Heavy Tackle – Black Marlin Trophy - Rod Johnson – Shimano Tiagra 50W LRS

No Female Angler prizes were won.

Champion Junior Angler – Jack Grimes – Black Marlin Trophy - Tyrnos 30, Shimano TCurve Rod, Moi Moi Line, Angler Spin Rod, Costa Hat, Pakula Lure Roll, Halco Lure, Top Shots Fun Park Family Voucher.

All Juniors who entered received - , Angler Spin Rod, Costa Hat, Pakula Lure Roll, Halco Lure, Top Shots Fun Park Family Voucher.

Champion Angler Other Species – Steve Grimes – Mahi Mahi Trophy – Shimano TCurve, Pakula Lure Roll, Moi Moi Line, Halco Lure.

Champion Boat Over 7m – ‘Kamikaze’ – Marlin Trophy – ARB Fridge/Freezer

Champion Boat Over 7m R/Up – ‘Keneka’ – C-Map PC Planner, Furuno 627 Sounder, $150 Cash from Reelax.

Champion Boat Under 7m – ‘Reel Hunter’ – Marlin Trophy - 130lt EvaKool Esky, Black Pete Rigging Kit, Pakula Lure Roll, $250 Reelax Voucher.

Champion Boat Under 7m R/Up – ‘Steel Cat’ – Pakula Lure Roll, Tag Bag, Moi Moi line and $250 Reelax Voucher.

Meritorious Effort Award – ‘No Frills’, Coffs Harbour GFC – Sheleft HD Camera Glasses, Pakula Lure Roll.

Hard Luck Award – ‘Chuckles’ – Tag Bag, Aftco Gloves, Bait Needle Kit, Tackle Pouch.

Hard Effort Award – ‘Incoming’, MBBC – Reelax Deluxe Helm Chair and Post Mount.

Outstanding Club Effort – Rob Smith, ‘Capricorn’ - $250 Reelax Voucher.

SCGFC Merritt Award – ‘Cat A Pult’ - $250 Canale Travel Voucher and 2 Nights at Cairns Mid City Apartments.

Sea Sick Award – Andrew Ruffles – Spin Rod, Pakula Lure Roll.

Not Sea Sick Award – Mike Holmes – Moi Moi Line.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012  |  Posted by Ross Martin

All Australian tournaments can be found in our tournament calendar and flyers/entry forms can be downloaded where available. Tournaments on this weekend and into next week are as follows and results will be available after completion where available.


'Mooloolaba Billfish Bash', Mooloolaba, QLD, Nov 23 - 25

'Bribie Island Junior Tournament', Bribie Island, QLD, Dec 3 - 5

'Ribbons Ladies Tournament', Cairns, QLD, Dec 7 - 9


'Presidential Challenge of Guatemala', Guatemala, Nov 15 - 18

If you have any tournaments you would like us to include in our weekly list or the tournament calendar please send the details to


Exmouth Blue Marlin Report, Eddy Lawler from Peak port Fishing reports that they are in the middle of one of the best marlin bites Exmouth has seen in some time. Boats are getting any where from 2-6 bites a day. if you want to keep up to date on the latest Blue marlin action we are getting look no further, stay tuned for more action.

28/10 Steve Jones 2 from 2 Blue marlin.

29/10 0 from 2 blue marlin, pulled the hooks on a nice one just shy of the leader after 45min.

1/11 Glen Buckby fished inshore 2 from 4 Black marlin, 1 from 2 Sailfish.

2/11 Leigh Freestone, Ian Huxter 1 from 3 Blue marlin, 1 from 1 Striped marlin.

3/11 Smithy and the boys 2 from 6 Blue marlin, 1 from 1 Striped marlin.

4/11 Craig Riley 1 from 2 blue marlin, 1 from 1 Striped marlin.

5/11 John & Casey GT fished the morning, went wide for the arvo, 0 from 3 on Striped Marlin in 2 hours fishing.

8/11 Patrick 2 from 4 blue marlin.

Lures used:
Bonze, "Here for the party" "Violator" "Spellbound" "Darter"


If you have any reports you would like to share, please sent them to


Saturday, 10 November 2012  |  Posted by GFH

This years Hervey Bay tournament is off to a cracking start. With 14 boats competing day 1 saw a total 91 Billfish and 4 other species. A total of 84 Black marlin were tagged with the leading boat goign into day 2 with 21 tagged. Second place is sittin on 18 tagged fish.

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